Letter from the President


At the Band Boosters Meeting last Tuesday, Mr. Yankey discussed two important needs for our kids; the need for new uniforms (more about that later), and the need for an assistant Band Director. Floyd Central is one of only two schools in ISSMA Class A which have only one band director, and appears to be the only one who has a director who teaches at more than one school—Mr. Yankey splits his day between Floyd Central and Highland Hills.

Do the math; we have approximately 170 kids in marching band, and this makes the time Mr. Yankey can devote to our students, both individually and as a group, very limited. Some of the band programs in our class have 4 or more directors! How to approach this issue was discussed at length at the meeting, and one of the suggestions on how to ease the situation and make it more beneficial for our students, was to contact school administration and school board officials, to explain to them why our students need an assistant band director.

With an assistant band director, our students would be able to receive more individualized instruction; they would be able to have sectional coaching; they would be able to get more detailed instruction on advanced technique and musicianship. In other classes, teacher to student ratios can be as low as 1:15 or as high 1:28-30…in band, it is 1:83 in concert band (7th period) and 1:45 in freshman band (6th period). Don’t our band students deserve the same teacher to student ratios as in other classes taught at the high school? Your help is needed! Please contact any or all of the school board trustees, the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Assistant to the Superintendent, or the principal. As promised, the contact information for those who can do something about this are listed below. Please take a moment to email each of these individuals and urge them to consider the addition of an assistant band director at Floyd Central.

New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation Board of School Trustees:

Rebecca Gardenour, President


Lee Ann Wiseheart, Vice-President


Donna Corbett, Secretary


Jan Anderson, Member


Lee Cotner, Member


Elizabeth Galligan, Member


Jenny Higbie, Member


Bruce A. Hibbard, PhD, Superintendent


Dr. Bradley J. Snyder, Deputy Superintendent


Bill Briscoe, Assistant to the Superintendent for Administration and Operations



Floyd Central High School Staff:

  • Rob Willman, Principal
  • (812) 542-8504 Ext: 3005


The other important topic discussed at the meeting was the need for new Marching Band uniforms. Our uniforms are approximately 13 years old, and have worn well over the years due to the loving care they have received from our fine uniform parents. Since they were purchased, they have been modified, painted, crystal buttons attached, and the zippers replaced countless times. It’s time for an update. Mr. Yankey also discussed cost, and a realistic figure is somewhere between $60-$70,000. This will require lots of fundraising. Mr. Yankey has also asked for parent volunteers to serve on the Uniform Selection Committee. They will assist with selection, and, once samples come in, compare them for durability and ease of wear. If you were not at the meeting and being on this committee is of interest to you, please email Mr. Yankey at hyankey@nafcs.k12.in.us to let him know.

Also, as a reminder to parents of 7th period band class students, the first after school rehearsal is this Tuesday, February 28. The rehearsal starts immediately after school and finishes at 3:30pm. These after school rehearsals continue each Tuesday, with the exception of Spring Break and the intercession, through the week of the State Qualifier, April 28/29, and, should we qualify for ISSMA State Concert Competition, will continue through the week of State (May 6). These dates are on the second semester band calendar, and on the website, floydcentralband.org. on the Google calendar.

Best wishes to our Jazz Band as they perform at the ISSMA Jazz Festival at Whiteland High School this coming weekend. Students in Jazz Band received a paper schedule in class. They perform at 2:20pm this Saturday, March 4, at Whiteland High School, 300 E Main St, Whiteland, IN 46184.


Lisa Nisevich, President

Floyd Central Band Boosters