Marching Band Contests

The full marching band schedule (including contests) can be found in the Calendar, which is publicly accessible and can be added as to your PC or mobile device.

Each week, Mr. Yankey will release details of contest day schedules and any notes or special instructions.  These details will first be emailed to subscribers of MyMusicOffice, and then updated in the Calendar.  Whenever possible, the street address of schools or venues hosting the event or contest will be included in the Event posted on the Calendar.  Additional information may or may not make it into this web page before the Event, so please look first to MMO, then the Calendar, and if you still have questions, reach out to a Booster officer or Member-at-Large.  We’re here to help!

For details of volunteer opportunities and support assignments for specific events, please refer to email or other communication from your Section Parent(s).